Fund Options

Currently, there is a service fee of 8% of raised money! People send money directly to your PayPal account. PayPal may also charge you some processing fees.


We charge a competitive fee with other crowd funding platforms. Here is a list of each portals possible top fee:

KickStarter:  up to 10% with processing fees

A KickIn Crowd: up to 10.9% wih processing fees

Indie GoGo: up to 12% with processing fees

RocketHub: up to 13% with processing fees

Some of the physical fund raising opportunities charge up to 45%!! For instance Auntie Anne's pretzels charges up to 20%. Power decals charges up to 45%

These examples show you that A KickIn Crowd is one of the most reasonable fee structures in the fund raising business.

Third Party Fee
Paypal Charges 2.9% on all transactions. Please check their website for details.